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Paty & Júnior | Ensaio Fotográfico

It’s been a crazy month for us, we’ve tons of work to be done and submitted every week. But at the same time, we’re having a lot of fun as side effect. And the most important, we’re helping our clients to achieve their objectives and to create their memories.







The above wonderful image was taken by Cedric from a uncommon and interesting angle. Don’t you agree?

Paty & Júnior, I’d like to thank you for trusting us to capture your special day. We enjoy every moment of your wedding day…especially the ceremony…and the reception too…and the making of…well, the whole day was wonderful. 🙂

Paty, the images above, are a little bit of samples. I’m sure that you should be anxious to take a look at images. I hope you enjoy it.

Are you a foreign visitor? Perhaps, you’d like to know more about the couple’s city, Blumenau. Click here.








Probably everyone has seen rain droplets falling on the surface of a puddle and appreciated that . However, how many of us could see the droplet shape change in details? The high speed photography open a new world for us, because allow us to appreciate these events, where the time is measured in milliseconds or less.

Setup: a couple of Sb-800 in 1/32 power and some bouncers.

Camera info: Nikon D300 | Sigma 105 mm (ƒ/2.8) |  ƒ/14 | ISO 200 | 1/200 s | — Tripoded

É provável que vc já tenha apreciado o espetáculo que é uma gota de chuva caindo em uma poça d’água. Mas quantos de nós pudemos perceber em detalhes o formato e a deformação desta gota em tão ínfimo momento? A fotografia de alta velocidade nos abre esse novo mundo, onde o tempo é medido em milisegundos, ou menos.

Se você gostou da foto e quer ver mais alguns splashs de gota, clique na imagem.